Find your place in the sun in your new homeland

Have you moved to another country and feel like a stranger? Could it be that your children feel like strangers in the country where they were born? Do you recognize or identify with the following situations and feelings listed below?

  • Insecurity
  • Loneliness
  • Not being understood, not even by your parents who live in the same country and your own people in your old home country
  • Being a stranger
  • Being afraid to be noticed or to make yourself recognizable
  • Not being able to express yourself or being afraid to speak in public

Based on my own intense experience of how difficult it is to find your place in society as a stranger in a new country, I have created this mission. This mission is to help you overcome the challenges of integration in the new environment.


My goal is to guide you in finding your new, life-changing path through:
  • Transforming your mindset
  • Encouraging your personal growth
  • Personal goal setting
  • Developing your source of motivation
  • Finding your identity

Coaching in the following languages: Swiss German, German, English, Ukrainian and Russian

Be outstanding
Not average

Eli Eisenrauch